Post Winery

altus, arkansas

Located in Altus, Arkansas, the Post Familie Winery carries on a rich tradition of wine making in this unique river valley region of the Ozarks. The project includes developing a master plan for the campus to expand upon operational efficiencies and heighten the visitor experience, whether for a quick trip to purchase some wine or for a leisurely stroll around the campus. Sitting on 17 acres in the heart of Altus, the winery has a strong local presence with over 100 years of production. The site has become a destination for wine, art, and events. The renovation to the retail area with additions for dining renews the lasting energy of the place.

A vertical trellis is an essential tradition to the grapevine and has always been part of the retail facility. The design reacts to conceptually rotate and extend the trellis to a massive horizontal configuration accepting vendors into the new western entry. This new light and airy entry immediately invites visitors to a wine tasting experience. Expansive bars and product displays (built by modus shop) envelope visitors with the product of the place while providing reintroductions to adjacent exterior spaces.

Typology Restaurant + Retail + Master Planning
location Altus, Arkansas
completed 2011
photography Rett Peek