Jody L. Verser, AIA

Associate architect | director of technology

The role that digital technology plays in architecture and design has grown exponentially with each year of implementation. I believe proper knowledge and use of building-information technologies lead to valuable collaboration, productive decisions, and more efficient design. I have embraced these tools in my own work and frequently host emergent technology workshops and tutorials for fellow designers.

Before graduating from the Fay Jones School of Architecture in 2009 and in the early stages of my career, I worked in the university’s planning group to develop a 3D model of the Fayetteville campus. This model has allowed stakeholders and project teams to better visualize the historic, existing, and projected fabric of the university and to create a more urban campus during a period of significant growth. After interfacing briefly with Modus Studio during university projects and graphics production, I joined the team in July of 2013. I have found in this firm an innovative and inclusive design process of which I am glad to be a part.