Leanne R. Baribeau, AIA

associate architect

I attended the University of Arkansas School of Architecture from 1999 to 2004 and joined Tim Cooper Architects immediately after graduation. As a designer at Cooper, I worked primarily with the residential and small commercial market, and gained a very solid understanding of the good and the bad to be found in massed produced residences. I was also fortunate to work on a custom home that was built in the economic downturn – a rare opportunity for the time period.

After the crash, I went to work for Core Architects in 2009. Core was a completely commercial firm and sharp contrast to the work I had been doing the previous five years. I was the project architect on Highlands Oncology Cancer Center (a 55,000 square foot cancer treatment facility), Founders Hall (a 76,000 square foot dormitory on the University of Arkansas campus), and Hunt Tower (a 260,000 square foot, ten-story commercial office building in Rogers, Arkansas.)

After 5 years at Core and the births of my 2 children, I was very excited to join the Modus team. I feel that I have a lot to offer and am excited to work for such a wonderful, driven group of designers. My thinking on architecture has evolved as I have over the years. As a practicing architect and mother I now think that architecture is simply ‘good’ design. This could be anything from a door handle to a master plan. The term ‘good’ is a loaded word as it can sometimes mean thoughtful, joyous, healthy, economical, sustainable, purposeful, and even safe. What is beautiful to one person may not be beautiful to another, but if it is beautiful because it serves a worthy purpose, then it is truly ‘good’ architecture.