Chris M. Baribeau, AIA

Principal architect

I am the principal architect of modus studio. I follow an idea. The idea that architecture can be sourced from the simple, everyday experience of life is essential to my mode of design. I believe the resultant architecture as derived from these experiences can be inspiring to all people in a daily, practical way. I believe people deserve good space and good buildings derived from good ideas.

Upon graduating from the University of Arkansas School of Architecture in 2003, I pursued work in Fayetteville that would provide the opportunity to engage architecture in a range of residential, commercial, and educational projects at Marlon Blackwell Architect. These projects are critical works of architecture finding foothold both socially and professionally as they are built, experienced, and published. This endeavor continued my architectural education and allowed me to actively participate in the function of making architecture real.

This education continues in a new way. The new way is more personal, more challenging, more difficult, more rewarding and full of possibilities. Our studio engages these possibilities every day with ideas, hard work, and a dedicated mode of design.

My experiences in the past eight years of crafting a design firm in the middle of the economic difficulties this country faces have strengthened my resolve to continue to work hard, persevere, and always be a responsible architect. I embrace the mode in which this firm operates: intelligently, thoughtfully, and professionally.