Greenland Central Office

greenland, arkansas

The new central administration office at the Greenland School District is a welcomed upgrade from the previous location in an aging house. Spanning 3,200 square feet, this carefully detailed office building contains five offices, a work room, a break room, and a versatile board room that doubles as a multi-purpose area for the district. The offices are strategically placed along an existing tree canopy and seasonal streambed, providing a visual connection to nature. The plantings and native grasses in this area not only enhance the beauty of the building's edge but also promote biofiltration. Other areas along the building edge include a permeable ground cover of decomposed granite, requiring minimal maintenance. The facade features a modernly composed brick facade that harmonizes with the existing campus buildings. The bricks are skillfully set or "coursed out" to exact full or half brick lengths, eliminating cuts and waste.

A dual-sided lobby addresses the approach from the parking lot to the north as well as the student and staff approach from the south. The southern entrance establishes a "front porch" space that greets the main campus, and the lobby provides a division between the private office functions and the more prominent board room. The interior spaces are bathed in an abundance of natural light, thanks to the creative use of translucent acid-etched glazing that delivers daylight while ensuring visual privacy from the adjacent parking lot.

Typology K-12 Education | Office
location Greenland, Arkansas
completed 2022
photography Timothy Hursley