Green Forest Athletic Complex

green forest, arkansas

The Green Forest Athletic Complex reshapes the vision of this small public school district’s athletic program with a sleek language of color and form. Located directly to the south of the previously designed modern middle school, the new stands and press box continue the proportions and color coding which are now very identifiable sources of community pride within the Green Forest Public Schools Campus. By establishing a clear processional entry with striking color and form, the pulse of the athletic program is captured in a manner justifiable with the fervor that sporting events demand of small public school realms in the South. This project redefines the athletic + academic edge of the campus and supports the activities that take place on the site, from fundraisers sparked on the under-bleacher terrace to the collective community joining together in support of the home team. The new design sports much-needed service facilities while the enlarged track, new stadium lighting, and re-graded football field elevate the competitive game play and hosting capabilities of the district.

Simple design decisions simultaneously capture and invigorate this community. The ongoing work on this campus is a tangible sign that good architecture can positively enhance the everyday expectations in the realm of public education and athletics.

Typology Athletics
location Green Forest, Arkansas
completed 2011
photography Timothy Hursley