Roma + Deluxe Burger

Rogers, Arkansas

The new Deluxe Burger and Roma Italian restaurants in Rogers, Arkansas provide a thoroughly modern and gourmet dining experience for their patrons with warm and inviting interiors that are carefully inserted into a new retail center in Pinnacle Heights. This pair of infill restaurants was developed simultaneously to occupy approximately 8000 SF of white-box commercial space. While the programs and atmosphere of each restaurant are purposely different in menu and function, the dual-tracked design process allowed incredible efficiencies in the construction process.

Roma Italian draws inspiration from the warm and inviting restaurant spaces so often found in Italy. The cedar trellis, a primary formal element, stretches continuously from the outdoor terrace, over the interior dining areas and bar, to the central serving area. The low design of the bar reveals the activity of the kitchen through a large steel window box, as illuminated by the flames of the wood fired pizza oven beyond.

Typology Restaurant
location Rogers, Arkansas
completed 2015
photography Timothy Hursley