15 Church Avenue + 200 Center Street

fayetteville, arkansas

Crafted from the “old bones” of a former electrical warehouse turned television news studio turned office building, the property at 15 N. Church Avenue has now been transformed into a series of modern and sustainable offices with a second level apartment. Housing the headquarters of modus studio + shop, Specialized Real Estate Group, and Crown Barbershop, the new spaces stay true to their industrial heritage - open, modern, and clean. This renovation was not only an opportunity to revitalize a piece of our city, it was an opportunity to represent who we are as a firm and provide an atmosphere in which to expand the ideas of a collaborative studio into a truly open office.

15 N. Church earned the prestigious LEED Platinum Seal, the highest level of green building certification awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council [USGBC]. This was the only building in the state of Arkansas to receive LEED Platinum certification in 2017.

The momentum of the renovation at 15 N. Church continued to another adjacent aging office building at 200 W. Center Street, located right on the corner of Church and Center. A threshold to the nearby Fayetteville Square, 200 Center was conceived as a new "front porch" for the downtown community. The mixed-use space is now home to an Arsaga's coffee + toast bar, a local technology retailer, and a coveted yoga gear shop, Lululemon, which together make this building a viable contribution to the life and commerce of the downtown area.

These "Special.Modus" projects, aptly named joint ventures between modus studio and Specialized Real Estate Group, are special to us as real investments in our own place. They are modern re-interpretations of old building stock, which benefit from their position in the center of historic downtown Fayetteville.

Typology Mixed-Use | Urban Infill
location Fayetteville, Arkansas
completed 2017
photography Timothy Hursley + Meredith Mashburn