Leopoldo E. Zepeda

DESIGNER + fabricator

Leopoldo is an architectural designer and fabricator at modus studio. Originally from Orem, Utah, and spending part of his childhood in Ohio, he eventually began his career in the A/E/C industry working for a general contractor in Arkansas. During this time, he attended the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design, where he worked in the fabrication labs. That experience opened the door to an internship in the fabrication shop at modus and, eventually, a full-time design position.

Leo's passion for architecture was born from his childhood experiences traveling to cities with his dad on business trips during the summer. He developed a love for skyscrapers, always curious about how it was even possible to build such tall buildings. He explored this interest as a child by creating things using sculpting clay and Legos.

Today, Leo is still a passionate designer and maker, finding immense satisfaction in creating something tangible from concept to completion. He believes in starting projects with clear intentions, where the goal is to create something that successfully performs its purpose and function. But it's not just about the end product for Leo. It's about the process of improvement with each design.

In his free time, Leo enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, exploring the mountains, and relishing the stillness of a good snowfall.