the story behind a photo.

Apr 27, 2022

"Architecture is the backdrop for life." - Balkrishna Doshi

And it is the backdrop for individual journeys. Thousands of people pass by the buildings we design each day, and on one particular day, we happened to get a glimpse into one individual's personal fitness and cycling journey.

Jonathan Webster was riding his bike on the Razorback Greenway in Bentonville, Arkansas, when he happened upon our photoshoot with Tim Hursley at the Greenway Office Park. We needed some human scale to the photo, preferably someone using the trail. Jonathan was kind enough to do a few ride-thru shots for us. As it turns out, he was actually in the middle of his very first 100-mile century ride. But he hasn't stopped there. Jonathan will soon be tackling a new challenge, riding his bike from Kansas City to St. Louis on the 240-mile crushed limestone Katy Trail, the country's longest recreational rail trail. We wish him a safe and joyful trip!

Next time you see some polished architectural photography, stop and reflect on the personal journeys of the individuals in the photos. Notice how the people themselves are breathing life into the architecture.

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[photo by Timothy Hursley]