young architect-friendly firm award.

Oct 30, 2023

We're delighted to have received an Emerging Professionals + Young Architects Outstanding Friendly Firm Award from AIA Arkansas! This award recognizes firms that create nurturing environments and professional development opportunities for emerging professionals, and modus studio is one of the first firms in the state to receive this status.

Supporting our growing staff offers one of the greatest returns on investment we can make as a firm. Beyond helping to increase retention rates, firm exposure, and future recruitment, this award symbolizes the efforts our team has made to provide opportunities for learning and growth.

Thank you to AIA Arkansas and the Emerging Professionals + Young Architects Committee for this recognition and for empowering EPs throughout the state! Also, thank you to Kiara Gilmore (center of photo in red), our Director of Emerging Professionals, for always looking for opportunities to train, mentor, and support our team!