tara bray leads sustainability efforts.

Apr 22, 2024

At modus studio, we believe that architecture has the power to influence our world for the better. Since the inception of our practice, we have been committed to making our community and our planet a better place by empathetically caring for the earth, its resources, and its people.

Across the globe, the world unites today in celebration of Earth Day. It's a day to remember the importance of environmental conservation. Historically, it has also been a catalyst for action. To further our established commitment to sustainability, we are taking targeted steps to increase our firm-wide impact. We're excited to announce that leading these efforts will be Tara Bray, who has been elevated as our Director of Environmental + Social Impact.

Tara is a trauma-informed architect deeply rooted in sustainability and DEI-focused community engagement. Throughout her career, she has been on a mission to weave empathy into the fabric of our built environment. With a track record of fostering meaningful connections and implementing systems for long-term success, Tara's expertise lies in creating spaces that not only thrive environmentally but promote the health and well-being of those who inhabit them.

Congratulations to Tara from the entire modus team!

Happy Earth Day!