revisiting the modus bike clip.

Jun 17, 2022

On a Friday afternoon in June of 2014, almost eight years ago to the day, we hosted an internal design competition for a wall-mounted bike rack. We sketched, critiqued, built mockups, and strength-tested the product over the course of a year and a half. Finally, after many prototypes, we introduced the modus bike clip and began selling them on our Etsy page.

The bike clip is a minimalist wall-mounted bike rack that holds one bike and has a simple space to rest a helmet or other desired accessories on top. There are two standard options (black or white) and one premium custom option. These bike clips are featured on several of our projects around the country, and we have had customers from as far away as Melbourne, Australia.

We currently have some in stock, so visit the link below if you're interested in acquiring one (or ten). We also still have a few modusbox portable grill + firepits available, as well as a few custom stainless steel spatulas.