red barn agri-hood wins honor award.

Oct 26, 2021

The Red Barn agri-hood development has received an honor award in recognition of outstanding achievement in architectural design from the Arkansas Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

Jurors noted that "Thinking upon habitation and place is essential to architecture in this project. The sensible deployment and positioning of the dwellings on the site, the conservation of historic land, and the subtle weaving of community demonstrate that housing and the environment are potentially complementary. Rather than a gated community, the project invites the community in and through by connecting to the broader urban networks. At the scale of the dwellings themselves, they privilege light, natural ventilation, and views. The tiny porches give reference to the past and emphasize the need for complex relations between inhabitants, design, and nature. It was designed very carefully and with extreme attention to detail, considering the limited resources. The project goes all the way from urban design, to architecture types, then landscape, then interior design. A very difficult ride, and a great result."

Congratulations to our innovative clients at Green Circle Projects and the entire design and construction team!