demolition begins on latest cross-laminated timber project.

Mar 16, 2018

Demolition has begun on our latest cross-laminated timber project in Bentonville, Arkansas. An innovative, sustainable renovation and addition to an existing two building office complex, the 5th Street offices are focused on connections between tenants, allowing ideas to flow and open collaborations to flourish. The 22,000 square foot CLT structure addition creates a warm and inviting expression of assembly that spans across multiple tenant spaces. By rethinking the outdoor residual spaces between buildings, the design team is creating immense opportunities for amenity connections. Other features include an outdoor conference room, new connections to the adjacent bike trail system, bike racks located through-out the site, and over 28,000 square feet of greenspace. On the interior, comfortable and interactive areas ranging from pocket size to large shared assembly spaces provide the opportunity for mobile working and greater community interaction among multiple businesses. The possibilities for cross-pollination of ideas are at the root of the renovation. The bones of the original buildings are enhanced with modern elements that increase visual presence and provide substantial daylighting.