modus shop customizes st. louis' verve.

Jul 09, 2021

Jason Wright, modus partner and director of fabrication, was on the Verve job site in St. Louis this week, alongside other modus designers and fabricators, doing a walk-thru and delivering a few modus shop-fabricated pieces. He also took a moment to install some custom door hardware himself. This may be an unusual sight for some, to see an architecture firm partner hand chiseling a door, but it is nothing out of the ordinary at modus.

Our ability to fabricate and construct tangible building elements through our fabrication side, modus shop, gives us the unique capacity to troubleshoot, test, mockup, and ultimately fabricate and install key components of our design projects. We believe our hands-on capability provides knowledge and pragmatic experience to the architecture we create.

Construction is wrapping up this month at Verve, a new 72,600 square foot apartment community located in the heart of Midtown on the edge of the St. Louis University campus. We're looking forward to seeing the tenants move in and enjoy this vibrant community.