green + sustainable business of the year.

Sep 12, 2023

This morning, we were honored to receive the 2023 Green + Sustainable Business of the Year Award from the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce! The Excellence in Business Awards program recognizes and celebrates local businesses and organizations in Fayetteville with merits in various categories. The ceremony was hosted at TheatreSquared, and modus partners Jason Wright, Josh Siebert, and Chris Baribeau were on hand to receive the award.

Modus recognizes that sustainable building practices aren’t merely obligations but opportunities. We are committed to bringing sustainable solutions to every project on any budget. Sustainability is embedded in an architecture embraced by the people who use it. This idea fuels our design process, where every potential solution contributes to the place as a whole. We choose to address the tangible aspects of “green” design by providing healthy places for people, doing right by the planet, and helping our clients achieve their goals. Through careful design decisions, we can reduce energy consumption, conserve water, embrace our natural sites, create healthy space, capitalize on local resources and properly handle the byproducts of our daily lives.

It is so meaningful for us to be recognized for this by our local business community. Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you, Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce!