a decade of jody verser.

Jul 27, 2023

Last night, our entire studio celebrated modus associate Jody Verser's 10th work anniversary with a surprise dinner at Cheers! Jody is a vital member of the modus team. Not only is he a skilled architect, critical thinker, and reliable project manager, but as Director of Technology, he also leads our team in the thoughtful implementation of digital tools. He believes proper knowledge and use of building-information technologies leads to valuable collaboration, productive decisions, and efficient buildings. Jody has made great efforts to educate himself and others in the proficient use of these tools, and he regularly works with his colleagues to provide workshops and tutorials that equip us all with an advanced toolkit for designing award-winning projects. He cares deeply about our collaborative studio culture. He's also just a fun person to be around.

Congratulations, and thank you for ten years of dedicated work, Jody!