fayetteville, arkansas

Uptown is a new multifamily/mixed-use project located on approximately 15 acres in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The project features apartments in garden-style and mixed-use building flat typologies. The walkable suburban site planning combined with modern, fresh architectural finishes and spaces make this project a game-changer in the otherwise traditional suburban context typical to the Midwest.

Utilizing low-impact, energy efficient, and healthy building techniques, the Uptown project is tracking LEED Gold. Beyond environmental stewardship, the community is designed to support wellness and walkability. A community garden will be available to supply fresh produce, while trail connections and a bike repair station will allow residents to take full advantage of the trailside location. The landscape design preserves two acres of forest along Mud Creek. The neighborhood will feature a salt-water pool and outdoor gathering spaces throughout the community. Private outdoor balconies, patios, and roof decks along with carefully tailored retail spaces will make this project a new model for living in Northwest Arkansas.

Typology Multi-Family + Mixed-Use
location Fayetteville, Arkansas
estimated completion 2017
photography modus studio