Piezein Circuit

san francisco, california

Modus Studio, along with the energy design team at Viridian, won the 2016 Professional Citation Award for the Architecture at Zero competition. This international competition challenged teams to create a zero net energy student housing complex with 784 housing units on the San Francisco State University campus.

Piezein Circuit is designed to become a fulcrum for the SFSU campus as well as the surrounding neighborhood. It sits as a hinge between a regional retail center, an underutilized lake and public park, the campus core, high density housing, and recreational facilities. We are proposing to use the pedestrian path as an architectural armature, a generator for neighborhood spaces, and a production platform for renewable energy -- all from the idea of a simple stroll.

The sustainable components of the Piezein Circuit begin at the scale of the individual user and living unit. Both passive and active sustainable design features address all scales as they are propagated along the piezoelectric path from doorstep to streetscape, the building and beyond.

Typology Multi-Family
location San Francisco, California
completed unbuilt [competition]
photography modus studio