Coler Mountain Bike Preserve

bentonville, arkansas

North Gateway Flyover

The North Gateway Flyover is the animated threshold of Coler. Every major element of the site – the hill, the meadow and the creek converges here in a delightful rendezvous. The flyover structure is designed to safely negotiate the high speeds of mountain bikers coming off the hill with the more relaxed pace of the multipurpose trail that meanders through the valley floor and ultimately connects with the rest of the Razorback Greenway.

The intentional placement of the Flyover visually connects the eye of the public to the mountain bike activity in the hills, physically connecting the two separate viewpoints into one shared experience of place. This part of the trail is the start of the Coler experience for the expert mountain biker, providing direct access to the most challenging single track in the region. It is also the end; a communal area to rest and recap stories of recent adventures while surrounded by the natural beauty of Coler.

Kit-of-Parts (The Trail Features/Elements)

The multitude of unique built features throughout the trail system were carefully crafted with an aesthetic sensibility born from the place and specific to the Coler experience. A common language, compatible with the Ozark vernacular, shapes these features as they are hand-hewn on the site by the gifted trail builders. The ideas of lightness and flow are reinforced through a kit-of-parts detail system for various cedar structures. Touching the land lightly, and always reinforcing the kinetic energy of the trail is fundamental to the overall language of Coler.

Peak One Hub

This is the mountain bike cathedral. A place hidden in nature is a hub for interaction and the launching point to the most epic single track in the region defines the Peak One Hub. Located at the top of the northernmost hill and at a juncture of multiple trails, the hub functionally allows riders a starting point, juiced with speed as they drop into the intermediate jump trail, the expert technical trail and the expert jump trail.

The Peak One Hub is a naturally weathering object mysteriously rising in the middle of the forest. It is a functional nexus for comradery, rest, and anticipation of the downhill journeys ahead. 

Typology Civic + Recreation
location Bentonville, Arkansas
estimated completion 2020
photography modus studio