Razorback Shop

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Bold and modern, the new University of Arkansas Razorback Retail Shop is perfectly suited to the fast-paced shopping experience desired by Razorback game day visitors. Meant to be a satellite extension of the existing university bookstore, the ownership was determined to have the new location at a primary intersection in the Northwest Arkansas Mall open in time for the team’s homecoming football game. This resulted in an extremely compressed construction timeline, bringing the project from drawing to reality in only four months’ time. The client’s desire for a striking aesthetic and all glass façade were also challenged by stringent mall covenants and a tight budget overall. Despite these challenges, the retail space was expanded nearly 2000 SF into the adjacent shop during the renovation, effectively doubling the store’s usable commercial area and its presence in the mall context.

Inspired by the spirit and energy of the Arkansas Razorback mascot, the shop design takes advantage of the existing angled storefront to strengthen the idea of movement throughout the store and draw the customer’s eye into the space. A centrally located, 360-degree cash wrap is key to the project’s design, maximizing store security and the customer experience with multiple register stations, while a ribbon of red wall elements weave throughout the interior, creating built in platforms and shelving throughout the shop. The surrounding display shelves and ceiling feature are marked by interlocking forms, interesting angles, and changing heights that further emphasize the power and movement evoked by the team’s running mascot.

Typology Retail + Tenant Infill
location Fayetteville, Arkansas
completed 2013
photography Timothy Hursley