Osage Park Pavilion

Bentonville, arkansas

The Osage Park Pavilion is a gateway and centerpiece for Osage Park, which resides at the northern end of a small municipal airport in Bentonville, Arkansas. The airport is a playground for unique small aircraft, and this pavilion derives its playful form and structural expression from aircraft wing design. The simple, fluid form lifts seamlessly out of the ground, evolving into a light, airy structure that celebrates natural light pouring through repetitive structural elements and the dynamic, undulating Arkansas-sourced cypress facade.

The pavilion acts as a hub within the larger park and contains a covered gathering space, restrooms, green room, and an outdoor stage and amphitheater that anchors the eastern edge of the 55-acre recreational area. As the pavilion rises out of the park, the occupiable green roof becomes a viewing platform for watching planes take off and land.

The existing wetlands at Osage Park remain and play several roles, including water purification, water storage, and processing of carbon and other nutrients. Boardwalks are used for circulation throughout the park to preserve existing wetland and riparian areas. Other green infrastructure includes riparian buffers and the introduction of native plants to aid in phytoremediation and restore a more natural aquatic environment.

Just as visitors slide through various riparian areas of the park, the pavilion rises from the earth with a clear polycarbonate roof that is truly the 5th facade viewed from the air. This gentle glowing creature is simultaneously part of the land and a gesture to the sky.

Typology Civic + Recreation
location Bentonville, Arkansas
completed 2020
photography Timothy Hursley


  • 2022 AIA Arkansas Honor Award
  • 2023 Architizer A+ Awards Finalist
  • 2023 Architizer A+ Awards Popular Choice Winner - Pavilions