Omaha FEMA Shelter

OMaha, Arkansas

We're proud of our ongoing work with school districts across Arkansas, including several multipurpose FEMA safe rooms. This one at the Omaha School District in the small town of Omaha, Arkansas, was completed in 2021 and provides a safe area for the school and community during extreme wind events. It also serves as an indoor range for the archery teams. The building is tucked neatly into the existing campus, with a precast concrete structure, backlit steel canopy, and integrated signage.

A community shelter or "safe room" is designed and constructed to resist wind pressures and wind-borne debris impacts during extreme wind events like tornadoes and hurricanes. It provides near-absolute protection for many members of the community when designed and constructed following FEMA criteria.

Typology K-12 Education | FEMA Shelter
location Omaha, Arkansas
completed 2021
photography Aaron Dougherty