Green Forest Middle School

green forest, arkansas

The Green Forest Middle School is a modern, 2-story educational building located in the small agricultural community of Green Forest, Arkansas. The 29,014 SF building acts as both a hub and backdrop for students and the inhabitants of the greater community by defining a landscaped plaza in the heart of the campus. Modern façade articulation of metal panel and concrete block re-imagines the use of durable, low-maintenance, and cost effective materials that are common to school construction. Powerful architectural elements define entry, inspire movement through the building and contain key educational components in a fun, practical, and sustainable way. The design is resolved through the use of economical and intelligent materials combined to enrich the existing campus through the interaction of people, space, form, and color.

Typology K-12 Education
Location Green Forest, Arkansas
completed 2010
photography Rett Peek + Timothy Hursley


  • 2011 AIA Arkansas Merit Award
  • 2012 AIA Gulf States Region Honor Citation