Fayetteville School District Adams Center Renovation

fayetteville, arkansas

Within the realm of K-12 education, a prominent issue looms large – the aging infrastructure of school facilities. Numerous structures were erected in a bygone era, shaped by educational requirements, accessibility considerations, and technological constraints vastly different from the present day. In response to this challenge, Fayetteville Public Schools took a proactive stance, seeking to exemplify strategic renovation within their school board meeting facility. Originally serving as the school district administration offices, the building underwent its first transformation in 2000 to become the Adams Leadership Center, named in honor of the esteemed former school board member and president, Ray Adams. The existing 4,000-square-foot structure has now undergone a comprehensive, transformative, and cost-effective renovation led by modus studio, breathing new life into the space and improving performance and accessibility for the community.

Among the standout features of the renovation is a fully redesigned boardroom with a steel desk fabricated by modus shop. This desk showcases illuminated cutouts of the school district logo and mission statement, creating a visually engaging and dynamic focal point. The boardroom also features a wood slat ceiling, anti-glare lighting, modus shop-fabricated podium, an updated audio-visual system, and a feature wall adorned with a custom-illustrated map of Fayetteville. The renovation extends beyond the boardroom to encompass conference rooms, an A/V and server room, and updated restrooms. Notably, the new accessible entrance and vestibule design also incorporates meticulously crafted elements like steel planters and a wood bench, all skillfully produced by modus shop. 

Typology K-12 Education | Office
location Fayetteville, Arkansas
completed 2023
photography Zine Media