Fayettechill Sprinter Van

fayetteville, arkansas

Mo Elliot and Gracie Edwards of Fayettechill, a long time modus partner in unique and creative endeavors, and their red healer pup Olive, approached modus shop to design and fabricate a new home on the road for their epic yearlong cross-country adventure. The shell for this creation was a stripped down, reliable Mercedes Sprinter van with roughly 80 square feet of potential living space. The Sprinter’s new interior features are partially solar-powered (with the help of Richter Solar Energy) and precisely packed with a full-size bed (which transforms into a table for four), a mini fridge, gas range, sink, shower, toilet, custom RGBW LED lighting, and believe it not, storage (with cabinetry by Michael Sloan of Stronghold). The exterior features even more storage with a dual bike rack, dual paddle board rack, and a large roof rack which hosts propane tanks, tools, and a spare tire.

Typology Fabrication + Mobile Architecture
location Fayetteville, Arkansas
completed 2016
photography Henry Head + modus studio