Deluxe Burger

fayetteville, arkansas

Deluxe Burger Fayetteville is a concept for a gourmet burger restaurant that involved the renovation of the commercial space formerly home to another local restaurant adjacent to Dickson Street in Fayetteville, Arkansas. This project was commissioned to develop an iconic brand and aesthetic experience for Northwest Arkansas, but also to explore smart design concepts for casual dining that could be implemented in other markets and locations in the future. The new Deluxe Burger Fayetteville is an adaptive reuse of the historic Fayetteville Train Depot that incorporates a significant amount of material from the previous tenant into the new design. Wood panels wrap the kitchen and bar, creating a warm contrast to the existing masonry walls of the dining area, where the “bays” of the old depot provide new openings for lighting and visual connection to the coveted trailside location. 

Typology Restaurant
location Fayetteville, Arkansas
completed 2014
photography Timothy Hursley