Coler Benches

coler mountain bike preserve

A common language, compatible with the Ozark vernacular, shapes every element at Coler Mountain Bike Preserve, even down to the details of where visitors rest. These modus designed and fabricated benches located throughout the preserve have been carefully crafted with an aesthetic sensibility specific to Coler.

The site benches utilize similar geometries and materials found throughout the trail system. Affordability was key, so modus shop kept the fabrication joints to a minimum. The resulting design is an origami-inspired single sheet of steel, folded using a unique perforation pattern, and topped with a black locust seat, all left to weather naturally.

The monolithic benches at the South Gateway Pavilion are fabricated from wood harvested from the site during construction. The mass of these benches is intended to celebrate the natural beauty of the wood, while subtle angles for comfort and drainage follow the design language specific to Coler.

modus shop also fabricated the steel and wood portions of the "linger seating", a series of natural limestone slab benches designed by The Sibett Group.

Typology Fabrication
location Bentonville, Arkansas
completed 2020
photography modus studio