Sarah McElroy, AIA


An Arkansas native, Sarah McElroy came to Fayetteville to pursue a degree in architecture at the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture + Design. During her education, she was involved in the design/build studio, providing the community with well-designed low-income housing. She also participated in the NASA studio which included a visit to the earthbound international space station mock-up.

Upon graduation, she moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma where she began her career working on small scale commercial projects including restaurants and churches which then progressed into large scale commercial renovations across the country.

Arkansas, with the beauty of nature it brings, was always calling her home and in 2004, she and her husband moved back to Fayetteville to start a family. She continued her professional pursuits and became a licensed architect while raising two young children. She is dedicated to this community and in making a difference locally by influencing the architecture that is created here. With a wide variety of experience from University facilities to civic rehabilitations to custom residential, she is excited to be on the modus team.

When not delivering her kids around town to various sporting events, she can be found in the woods backpacking, camping, or canoeing. She also enjoys volunteering for Habitat for Humanity and other local non-profits.