Jake Mullins, Assoc. AIA

designer | fabricator

More often than not, Jake approaches each individual design challenge with the question “Why?”.

“Why are we making these choices, and why are we making them this way?” But, most importantly, how is what we are doing, ultimately, going to evolve to influence the betterment of humanity?

Jake consistently finds himself asking this question, continuously pursuing innovative solutions to big problems and encouraging others to ask the right questions for themselves. When stripped down to the fundamentals of design, he believes that what we are doing is not as important as to why we are doing it.

With a master’s degree in Interior Architecture and Product Design from Kansas State University, Jake has obtained the necessary tools to prosper as a designer. With a knack for craftsmanship and design details, stemming from years of construction and high-end furniture design experience, he can work at a variety of different scales. From small-scale industrial design and production, all the way to extensive architectural projects, he puts them all on a level playing field.

Jake spent most of his childhood building blanket forts and slip n’ sliding through the valleys of Tennessee. His family later moved to the flint hills of Kansas where he has spent most of his life. At an early age, he had a passion for sports and being a team leader, but during his education at K-State, that passion for sports effortlessly transitioned into a love for design. He discovered that the life lessons he learned playing sports directly correlated with the design profession. If one wants to achieve greatness, there will be long-fought battles through adversity, and sacrifices must be made. But, in order to succeed; one must value persistence, patience, and always personally strive to go the extra mile.

He believes that designers possess one of the most important tools necessary to have a positive impact on all of humanity. A “secret weapon” in the battle towards a better future through human-centered design.