south yard awarded by fitwel.

Apr 10, 2023

South Yard, and our clients at Specialized Real Estate Group, have been recognized as Best in Building Health by Fitwel! This award celebrates those leading the healthy building movement by example. The design of South Yard prioritizes the physical and mental wellness of its residents through a wide range of sustainable and health-centric features.

"As Specialized Real Estate Group's achievements have demonstrated, prioritizing health is no longer a reactive market trend - it's an established business imperative that represents an opportunity for real estate to mitigate risk and maximize investment." - Joanna Frank, President and CEO of the Center for Active Design.

Fitwel is a building certification system, originally developed by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the General Services Administration to promote healthier buildings and communities and is founded on evidence-based scientific research proving that the built environment can have significant impacts on human health.

Congratulations to our visionary clients at Specialized Real Estate Group!

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