our purpose.

Mar 26, 2021

The groundwork for the realization of good design is established in our seven guiding principles and is actuated by our purpose statement:


We are driven to create built environments that challenge convention and elevate the human experience.


The two objectives for built environments within our purpose are not distinct from each other. Challenging established methods and systems within the architecture and design realm may at first sound confrontational, but within that tension is the will to resolve and to make things good. Over the last 12 years, we have worked together as a design collective, diligently reaching for the same aspirations under these same beliefs in our work together. Recently, we decided to reinforce and stabilitate those beliefs with our purpose statement and a series of seven guiding principles.

Just as we would approach any design problem, we first united in a team effort. Over the course of several charrettes, we defined just what exactly has been, and should be, guiding modus studio as a company throughout its life. Our seven guiding principles help our team understand what's important and how we should face any potential circumstances.







good design.

Please join us next week, beginning on Sunday, as we introduce one of our guiding principles each day of the week. We'll also be featuring personal insights from our team in the form of short essays expanding on each of our principles. We hope you enjoy it.

Chris Lankford

director of marketing + engagement | modus studio