modus principle #6 | rooted.

Apr 02, 2021

guiding principle #6:


invested in community. committed to place.

Engaging beyond good work strengthens our connection to others.


Rooted… a personal quality and belief that is embodied in our business. Architecture is for people and we work every day to engage and enhance the lives of those we work for and with. With that deep desire, we spread the belief that we can help people and communities outside of the architectural services we provide. We often dive headfirst into numerous philanthropic opportunities and find that our biggest company resource is our caring staff. Our roots are spread deep across Northwest Arkansas because we plan to be here forever. We plan to raise our families here, and we want it to be the best version of itself for everyone.

We have a passion for positively impacting the lives and communities that we have fostered relationships with by digging deep and investing our time and energy into as many local causes as we can. We are all better when the places we occupy are better.

WE GIVE our time and knowledge to educate the younger generation about architecture by teaching STEM classes, hosting lego charrettes, and attending career fairs. WE GIVE our office and shop space to the public while hosting recurring free events to promote the amazing individuals of our town. WE GIVE our fabrication skills to local nonprofits that need custom trophies or even meal prep stations for educating kids about harvesting vegetables. WE GIVE our time and bodies to the public parks and trails by adopting sections of the Razorback Greenway that need litter and invasive species removed. WE GIVE our architectural services to families in need by designing Habitat for Humanity homes.

We do not stop at our own community. The other cities and towns in which we work, whether in Arkansas or across the country, are important to us as well. We plant roots everywhere we go and foster relationships with many amazing people. For example, in the town of Green Forest, Arkansas, we completed our first project on the school campus over 10 years ago. Today, we have 15 completed projects in Green Forest. These have been anything from a small library remodel to a city hall and police department facility. It has become like a second home to us.

In these places we work, our roots are in place, and we look forward to growing them further and deeper.

Matt Poe, AIA

associate architect | modus studio