corridor artwork at verve.

Nov 18, 2022

Verve, a 72,600-square-foot apartment community, is a vibrant place to call home for many students of St. Louis University. Our design team and forward-thinking clients at Subtext knew it was crucial to convey that energy into every facet of the project, including the corridors. With that in mind, our director of interiors, Amanda Burcham, worked closely with Chris Lankford, our graphic specialist and director of marketing and engagement, to create a unique series of 11 artworks for the residential corridors of the building.

Each corridor corner hosts a floor-to-ceiling meditative work based on an ardent study of a different St. Louis neighborhood. The primary thoroughfares and waterways are interpreted with loose brushstrokes, while the city's public greenspaces and the neighborhood boundaries are firmly grounded in more rigid forms. Secondary and tertiary paths within the surrounding context are interpreted with more organic, free-flowing forms, taking on a humanlike appearance, with each continuous line representing the interconnectedness of neighborhoods, cities, and beyond. Just as one could experience each neighborhood in a distinctive way, the viewer is allowed to become lost in thought, tracing symbolic lines and shapes, and reflecting on the scale and nature of place. This distinctive series was illustrated digitally and printed on vinyl wallcovering.