cogbill + siebenthal create "Arkansas Halite, Quartz, Bauxite" sculpture.

Nov 01, 2018

The modus shop team is made up of a talented group of artists, designers, and fabricators that seem to have limitless skills and an unmatched passion for the details. When they’re not working on the latest parts and pieces of modus-designed architectural projects, they’re fabricating a variety of custom things like furniture, product displays, tap handles, camper vans, mobile food service equipment, bike racks, grills, and film festival awards just to name a few.

That’s why it’s no surprise that modus is deeply passionate about sculpture as well. In their latest collaborative work, artists Alex Cogbill and Paul Siebenthal created “Arkansas Halite, Quartz, Bauxite” for the Greg Smith River Trail in Fort Smith, Arkansas, which involved over 200 hours of design and fabrication with steel, paints, and metal dyes. It was an impressive process to witness. Check out these photos from the recent installation, and let us know if you’re interested in commissioning sculpture work with this exceptionally capable team of artists