celebrating ten years.

Aug 28, 2018

Ten years ago today, a journey began with an idea – the idea that the patterns, perceptions, and senses of our daily experiences can inspire good design. The goals were to do away with the preconceived notions of what an architecture firm should be, leave the names off the door, and foster a collaborative studio atmosphere where the work speaks for itself.

Since that momentous summer day back in 2008, modus studio has expanded from a two-man, 9’ x 11’ home office to a LEED Platinum certified studio + shop with a collaboration of 24 architects, designers, artists, and fabricators. Despite this growth, modus is still rooted in Northwest Arkansas and continues to practice architecture with the belief that all people deserve good space derived from good ideas.

And the journey continues! We’re thrilled to begin celebrating our first ten years with our friends, family, clients, consultants, contractors, and others who have helped us along the way. We have some exciting new things in store for you all in the coming months. We hope you’ll continue to join us!