Design Manager

The Design Manager will work under the supervision of the principal-in-charge to keep design moving in the right direction. Design Managers are more than just project managers, they should be keenly aware of all facets of collaboration, and be dedicated to the required level of communication. They must be organized and capable of implementing the modus processes, always keeping high design, fundamental concepts, and critical diagrams at the forefront of the project design process.

Major Responsibilities Include:

▸Lead the development of design and construction documents for bidding and construction on multiple projects.

▸Lead a project team and be responsible for their productivity throughout each project. The Design Manager will consistently meet with team members to direct workload and review project timelines/milestones.

▸Serve as the Construction Administrator during the construction phase, as required.

▸Communicate clearly with Owners + Clients.

▸Organize and direct the project design team to execute the work in an orderly, timely, and coordinated manner.

▸Determine the extent of the construction detailing required for various elements of a project and ensure constructability, code compliance, affordability, and aesthetics. Develop these details and support/supervise the team members as they assist in developing needed details by assessing technical adequacy and completeness.

▸Perform quality assurance checks on all drawings and documents related to assigned projects.

▸Issue progress review sets of drawings to the project design team at various levels of development, according to established project milestones.

▸Issue applications and drawing sets to governing bodies for various stages of approval.

▸Make decisions independently and/or as part of the management team, to adhere to the design concept, project budget, project timelines, and milestones.

▸Exhibit excellent administrative and personal time management skills while having the ability to prioritize assigned tasks and delegate efficiently to maintain established project timelines and milestones.

▸Exhibit strong multi-tasking abilities which allow performance of the above responsibilities for multiple projects simultaneously.

▸Commit to meeting project deadlines and milestones while understanding your role as part of the project team. The Design Manager understands that they must move strategically into different roles during the project to achieve the overall project goals.

▸Apply excellent research skills to ensure project code compliance and to fully develop project technical specifications.

▸Exhibit entrepreneurial qualities that could support business development.

Minimum Qualifications:

▸At least a bachelor of architecture from an accredited university and 4+ years of experience.

▸Excellent computer skills, including project management software/trackers, presentation building in Adobe Acrobat, Bluebeam, or similar programs, calendar management, and general data entry/management tools. Adept Autodesk Revit experience is required.

▸Proficient knowledge of federal, state, and local building administrative, life safety, and energy codes relating to various project types.

▸Ability to travel to and from project meetings via automobile.

▸Understanding modern architectural/construction means and methods and the ability to fully detail these systems in coordination with engineers and other consultants.

▸Strong written and verbal communication skills.

▸Strong interpersonal skills needed to facilitate positive and professional interaction with all clients, contractors, and designers.

▸Must enjoy working in a collaborative, inclusive, and design-focused environment as a quality human being.

▸Ideal candidates will have a deep interest in material research, can combine creative thinking with an eye for craft in making, and be driven to elevate the human experience in the built environment.

Location: 15 N. Church Ave #102 Fayetteville, AR 72701

Job Type: Full-time

To apply, send a resume and portfolio to