University of Arkansas West Avenue Annex

university of arkansas | fayetteville

The west avenue annex is located just east of campus in downtown Fayetteville. The site sits along West Avenue—an important street for the future growth of the Dickson Street Entertainment District. The annex is transitional in nature with commercial retail, entertainment, and multifamily residential nearby to the West and South. The northern edge is adjacent to smaller single family homes, some of which are divided into rentable units. The potential for re-development and improvement along this street and to the existing adjacent structures is a logical step in the growth of downtown Fayetteville.

The University of Arkansas asked Modus Studio to evaluate the potential for their downtown property, the West Avenue Annex. The building currently houses a disjunctive array of university offices and less than adequate learning spaces. This study was divided into three sections: existing conditions, possibilities of expansion, and renovating/repurposing the existing program. Modus performed a comprehensive study of the spaces with an invested interest in the surrounding city fabric. Over the course of the study, modus studio adapted to the changing interests of Facilities Management as the analysis matured and brought to light the true qualities of the existing condition. The project concluded with a fifty one page document containing both graphic and analytical data.

Typology Feasibility Study
location Fayetteville, Arkansas
completed 2012
photography modus studio