Bentonville Film Festival Awards

Bentonville, arkansas

The Bentonville Film Festival was founded in 2015 by actress Geena Davis and ARC Entertainment executive Trevor Drinkwater as an American Film Festival focused on championing women and diversity in all aspects of entertainment media. When the BFF began, they looked to local designers and craftsman in Northwest Arkansas to partner with to make the best event possible bolstered by as much local support as possible. Modus Shop was honored when we were tapped on the shoulder to fabricate the award trophies for the 2015 and 2016 festivals. The BFF awards are made from etched clear acrylic plaques displaying two black acrylic filmstrips with gold film representing the symbol of equality. These plaques rest on locally sourced walnut bases with custom laser-etched name plates and the Geena Davis signature.

Typology Fabrication
location Bentonville, Arkansas
Completed 2016
photography modus studio + BFF