Terri Bullard, Assoc. AIA


Terri was born and raised in The Bahamas—a landscape where she saw first hand how architecture impacts the everyday and the episodic. Experiencing the comforts of passive systems in vernacular design and the necessity of architecture built to withstand natural disasters, she came to see architecture as a social act—a tool to prompt change, protect resources and manage development.

Since beginning her studies in architecture, she has been a champion for sustainable design, disaster relief architecture, and diversity in design. During her time at the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture, Terri was involved in multiple research projects that addressed urban planning, timber construction, and small-scale agriculture. Influenced by her background, her research was geared towards the potential application of emerging technologies in disaster relief with particular emphasis on 3D printing. Terri believes that everyone is deserving of good design and she is consistently concerned with matters of equity, accessibility, and enrichment.

In her free time, Terri enjoys traveling, engaging in social discourse with friends, and watching anime.