Suzana P. Annable, AIA


I am from Brazil. As a small child, born and raised in the large city of Curitiba, I knew I was going to be an architect. I drew house plans instead of stick figures and transformed doll houses into multi-family housing complexes. I moved to the United States as a 16 year-old exchange student, and since then I’ve stuck around to pursue my goal of becoming an architect.

Throughout my journey, I’ve become intrigued with people, and how their different cultures and lifestyles can affect the way they inhabit or perceive a space. Architecture is what enables me to express my view of the world and influence how others may experience space, form, light, materials, and textures.

I graduated from the University of Arkansas, and I am very excited to be part of the modus studio team. I am an intuitive thinker and designer and believe modus studio is a great place for me. It provides an energetic and personable environment that results in good design.