Shane P. Maloney


Growing up, I was always fascinated by a set of architectural blueprints. I would sketch and doodle my own plans for my dream house instead of listening to my instructors. When I was considering majors for college, I had no idea what I wanted to study. As I looked over the list of options, architecture stood out to me. I took a gamble, and thought surely with my years of thumbing through blueprints for my parents’ house and drawing my own floor plans that I had an idea of what architecture was, and what it meant to design something.

After my first week of studio, I realized that I knew absolutely nothing about design. Five years later, I could not be happier to know that it is nothing like I initially expected it to be. It took being in the studio, listening to the professors, and actively doing the work to start to appreciate and understand what architecture can be, and how we as designers can be the custodians of our built environment. Great design can happen in the most unlikely places, ranging from the scale of a city to the smallest details of one’s dwelling.

As a student, I sought out professors and mentors who were actively practicing and interested in doing innovative and thought-provoking work, and became involved with various mediums ranging from art installations to beautiful and exciting custom homes within the Fayetteville area. I learned a lot from exposing myself to these people, and their guidance allowed me to show my aptitude to great places like Modus. I was lucky enough to end up here with this group of incredibly talented people.

Through my time here, I have quickly learned that Modus is a group of people that “do.” Modus is a group of active learners. Modus is a group of designers who actively seek to use their talents to improve the environment we find ourselves in every day. Modus is a collaborative effort. Their constant drive to be creative, to sketch, to build, and to be engaged results in the genesis of truly beautiful and exciting things, and I am very glad to now be a part of this team.