Sara Elach-Hab, Assoc. AIA


Sara Elach-hab was born and raised in Morocco. She is originally from the suburbs of Marrakech but grew up in a small town called Settat. Though not always aware of architecture, Sara grew up traveling with her parents around Morocco, France, and Spain, where she started to develop an admiration for nature and the built environment.

Upon completing high school, Sara moved to the United States to pursue her education at the University of Arkansas. She spent the first year taking general courses to improve her English skills and adapt to the American culture. Six years later, she graduated from Fay Jones School of Architecture + Design and is now fluent in three languages: Arabic, French, and English. During her time at the university, Sara fell in love with Fayetteville. As a small college town, it reminds her of her hometown in many ways. She has gained friends from all over the globe. Fayetteville has become her second home, and her friends here her second family.

Throughout her education, Sara developed an interest in the relationship between culture and architecture, and how these two influence one another. She is interested in a culture's role in shaping architecture as well as creating and maintaining architectural identity. Culture is the product of the ideas, customs, and social behavior of particular people or society. The behaviors we are accustomed to and have been taught are the factors determining the kind of spaces we need to live in. Sara believes those practices and beliefs can also dictate what our living and gathering spaces should be like. As a result, there are times when architecture becomes a direct expression of culture and/or beliefs.

Sara spends her free time dancing, practicing yoga, biking, painting, and video chatting with her family who currently reside in Morocco. She also has a passion for cooking. She loves learning recipes while also experimenting with and even creating new ones. Cooking for other people brings her joy and that’s something she inherited from her mom who spends most of her time cooking for her family and friends out of love.