Paul Siebenthal


Paul is the modus shop technician, responsible for the fabrication and installation of various furniture and architectural details. He is also a sculptor and artist and brings an understanding of blacksmithing and metal fabrication, as well as woodwork and non-traditional materials, to the shop. Paul respects well-made things that are true to an object’s natural materiality. He has an affinity for composition and quality that compliments the modus philosophy, and as an artist, he shares their love for meaningful design.

As a member of the modus team, Paul supports the design abilities of the studio and helps execute concepts at the highest possible level of quality, as he would in his own work. His sculpture typically deals with an exploration of forms outside of everyday human scale experience. Typically his art is direct representations of the microscopic or explorations of physics, sound, the mineral world, or the natural biological world. He is particularly interested in presenting an aesthetic inherent in nature which is not typically perceived in one’s everyday experience. Paul believes that collaboration and cooperation are beneficial and generative, as one body of work begins to inform another.