Nick Holbus, CSI

construction specialist

Nick Holbus is the Construction Specialist at Modus, a wide-ranging role that involves supporting projects primarily during the Construction Administration phase but also in the development of Construction Documents. He is inspired by our growing understanding of building science and the concept of the built structure as a permanent experiment, both physically and culturally.

Drawing from years as a craftsman and working for a weather-barrier manufacturer, he brings considerable insight into the integration of new technologies, especially in the building envelope, and to the core importance of the skilled trades. He also possesses a strong background in problem solving fostered by formative multidisciplinary studies at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design.

Nick relocated to Fayetteville from the West Coast in 2019 and found Modus soon after thanks to some small-town connections and by following the bread-crumb trail of ‘all the impressive projects’ around Northwest Arkansas. He’s routinely impressed by the level of talent of the Modii and aspires to guide many projects to successful completion -- and to get better at Spikeball.