Matthew D. Poe, AIA

associate architect

Design. Build. Enjoy.

Matt is an Associate at modus and believes the main reason for architectural design is to build, and that one builds to create enjoyment. Architecture provokes emotions, surface level or subliminal, that should be understood and enhanced by the design.

This idea of enjoyment resonates with him on several levels. It comes from the enhancement of daily life, be it a single amazing space one begins their day in or a thoughtful building that enhances the environment around it. The construction process has been a part of Matt's life since the day it was legal for his father to put him to work (possibly before). He worked fabricating and installing commercial HVAC systems until he left Jonesboro, Arkansas, for college. The knowledge and work ethic that this instilled in him has fostered a great appreciation for construction and building that bloomed into a passion for architectural design while building custom modular homes.

As a licensed Architect and graduate from the Fay Jones School of Architecture + Design, Matt primarily focuses on the wide range of educational public school projects at modus alongside Josh Siebert. His passion for knowledge sharing and enhancing the lives of others go past Architecture and resonates within the Northwest Arkansas community and internally at modus as well. He is an active volunteer and previous board member for AIA Arkansas and USGBC, all while conceptualizing and coordinating modus events and even the modus kickball team.

Matt hibernates with his wife Ellery in the winter and seeks anything with nature and competition when the world allows it. Golf, softball, diving board competitions, kickball, mountain biking, and fishing are at the top of his “stop working its the weekend” list.