Dan Daniel


Originally from Smackover, Arkansas, Dan's journey to modus studio is full of boofs and bow draws. He's certainly no one-trick pony, but if you're around him long enough, you're guaranteed to hear some whitewater kayaking stories.

Dan studied music and art history at the University of Arkansas at Monticello before moving to Fayetteville in 1994 to work at White River Hardwoods as a moulder operator. This was the year Dan's life took an exciting new trajectory. He learned how to roll a kayak. Nothing would ever be the same.

Dan became embedded in the whitewater kayaking world, establishing his company Thirdpoint Whitewater Manufacturing, where he produced fiberglass/kevlar helmets for whitewater paddlers. In 1997, he became a regional sales representative working across the Southeast for several whitewater kayaking brands, including his own Thirdpoint products. During this time, Dan did some extensive traveling and was able to kayak all over North America. In 2007, he moved to Washington State and worked as a sea kayak guide in the San Juan Islands, leading whale watching, sunset, and multi-day trips. He became a Washington State Naturalist and earned a British Canoe Union 3 Star Open Water Certification and a British Canoe Union Sea Lifeguard Certification.

Dan later became involved in the restaurant and bar industry, and was a house manager for a whiskey bar and live music venue in Fayetteville. From his experience there, he created a completely new pub concept from scratch including branding, interior design, and all operational necessities. Dan was inspired in that process by the meaningfulness of creating something for the community to enjoy. He carried this inspiration with him when he joined the fabrication team at modus studio in 2019.

Dan enjoys utilizing his previous experiences in woodworking and product manufacturing while still learning something new every day. He appreciates the variety of projects at modus, and says he is always looking forward to seeing what he'll be working on next.