Cory D. Meyer, Assoc. AIA

designer | fabricator

Architecture is about solving problems, beautifully. The idea that simple, well-crafted spaces can have a profound impact on everyday life is something that excites and motivates me as a young designer.

I was drawn to Modus by their commitment to fabricating and making as an integral part of their design process. I believe that the process of making begins to inform and perfect the end result; no detail is too small. Maintaining a high level of craft is imperative, because it influences the interaction of a user and the space. The shop is a place for us, as designers, to experiment with materials and details. It is a place to build things.

During my graduate studies at Kansas State University, I was privileged to work alongside the creative minds of El Dorado, Inc., on several projects. This experience gave me a deeper understanding of design as a collaborative, interdisciplinary method— a notion not sufficiently emphasized in academia. My interest in this method of working drew me to the talented team of architects, designers, and craftspeople at Modus. I’m excited to be a part of this collaborative process.