Alex Cogbill

fabricator | shop operations manager

“As I learn, the more I realize how little I know, and how much more I want to


Modus Studio requires perfection in fabrication, and fast. Alex gets to confront and accomplish so much every day. As our Shop Operations Manager, he is given not only structural and visual problems, but it is also his job to find the right material and staffing solutions necessary to achieve optimal designs and run the day-to-day procedures. Acquiring new tool skill sets and fabrication knowledge is a never-ending venture, and crafting distinctive high-quality furniture and construction elements with other craftsmen facilitates his need to grow.

Alex earned his BFA in Art Education from the University of Arkansas with an emphasis in sculpture. Since graduating in 2011, he has installed several public sculptures in the region, including large pieces in the SoMa District of Little Rock, on the Greg Smith River Walk in Fort Smith, and on the Razorback Greenway in Fayetteville. His work is inspired by the universally accessible concepts of geometry and perception. Cogbill also owns Local Color Studio Gallery in Fayetteville, where he teaches art classes, curates shows with regional artists, and creates his own work. The process he contributes to at Modus is something he is proud of.